Beta 3.0 CD Distribution
(c) 2002 Grace Fellowship Tabernacle

Anyone can make copies of the Word of the Hour CD and distribute it, providing the CD contains the files listed on this page and contains all copyright notices. 

You need to obtain a download manager for downloading the large file (144Mb).  GetRight is a good shareware application and can be obtained from here.

To produce a CD you need to download and unzip the following file... WOTH(144Mb)

(If you don't have an application to unzip files then you can download winzip here).

Before unzipping the file create a temporary folder eg wothcd.  Unzip the file into this folder.  When you create a CD, select the contents of the wothcd folder (do not include the folder). You will end up with a file structure on your CD like the following...


Note: as some of these files contain exe's then you may have to disable your virus checker whilst downloading or it may potentially block these files

Label for standard CD

The picture to the left is a small sample of the CD label.  To create this CD label you need the following....

1)  Neato's MediaFACE II Media Labeling Software.  You can download this software from here.
2)  Word of the Hour Beta 3.0 Media FACE template.  Download this file by clicking here.
3)  Neato's White Premium A4 CD Labels - 2UP (Glossy standard CD labels).  Purchase at most computer outlets.

Case Insert for Slimline cases

To create the CD insert for the slimline case you need Glossy Photo quality paper such as Epson Photo paper.

The Inserts need to be printed on both sides.  The glossy side is the front graphic as shown to the left.  The non- glossy side contains the instructions.

1)  Print the following Word document (designed for A4) on the non-glossy side.  Click here to download.

2)  Print the following Word document on the reverse side i.e. the glossy side of the photo quality paper.  Click here to download (note: you will need to unzip this 3.5Mb file).