1Colossians 2:13 And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath he quickened together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses;

2Ephesians 2:5 Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;)

3Ephesians 2:1 And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins;

4Romans 8:11 But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.

5Let us pray,...

6This evening we will pick up at paragraph 75 of brother Branham's sermon rising of the Son to begin our reading. Notice brother Branham is speaking from Romans 8:11 here that we just read for our text..

775 "Notice. Now, if that Spirit that raised up Jesus from the grave dwells in you, you potentially have Life, led by the Spirit to quicken the Word to you to believe It. The little thing keeps pushing up as it grows. Notice. At Pentecost their bodies were quickened to a new Life. Look at a bunch of little cowards. Am I holding you too long? Look-it. I'm just warmed up,...?... feeling good. Oh, my.

8Notice brother Branham wants to show us the change they received when the they received the Holy Ghost. One minute they had all been a bunch of cowards and the next minute they were fearless to share the Gospel and what had happened to them.

976 Notice. They were cowards. Notice. But they had the mechanics. See? But they were all standing back in there, saying, "Oh, I'm 'fraid of them. Naw, I'm afraid to go out and make a claim, 'cause, oh, all of them great big bishops and things out there. Oh, I'm 'fraid to. Them priests and things, I'm 'fraid to make that claim, afraid I'd say I believed on Him. Oh, I just can't do that." You see? But all of a sudden the Dynamics come. Yes. And what did It do? It not only filled their spirit inside, but It quickened their mechanics. Their bodies were quickened. They were no more cowards. They went right out in the face of the people. Yes, sir. "You men of Judaea and you that dwell in Jerusalem..." Where before the Dynamics come, they were just mechanics. See? "Ye men that dwell in Jerusalem, let this be known unto you and hearken to my words, these are not drunk as you suppose. I'm one of them. This is that. I'll show you what it is; It's the Scripture. This is that." (And I always said, "If this ain't that, let me keep this till that comes.") "No. This is that that was spoken of by the prophet Joel, 'It'll come to pass in the last days, saith God, I'll pour out My Spirit upon all flesh.'" See, the Dynamics come into the mechanics. They wasn't afraid no more.

10So we see the first thing brother Branham points out is the people lost all fear of reprisal that they had gone into hiding on account of that fear. But now their mortives and objectives were no longer the same. Before the Holy Ghost came, their motives and objectives was self preservation, but now it became just like Jesus motive and objective in Gethsemane, "Not my will but Thy will oh God."

1177 Some of you people that are afraid that some woman will laugh at you for having long hair, or quit wearing makeup. Some of you men that's afraid your organization will throw you out when you baptize your congregation in the Scriptural baptism, you need to close yourself in the upper room till the Dynamics come. That's right. It changed them; It quickened them; It made them different. They were a changed people from then on. It quickened them from an old life of being a coward to the Lion of the tribe of Judah. They absolutely faced martyrdom, nailed to crosses, crucified up-side-down, burnt, thrown in the lion's den, no more cowards, but death had no victory over them at all; the Dynamics was in the mechanics. Yes, sir. It quickened their mortal bodies.

12Notice it is the dynamics that changed your opinions, and your motives and objectives. And that is the Holy Ghost, "Christ in you the Hope of Glory."

13From his sermon Handwriting on the wall 56-0902 P:27 Brother Branham said, "Now, Daniel said, "I'm going to purpose in my heart. No matter how much pressure they put on me, how much they laugh and say I'm a holy-roller, that won't bother me a bit. That won't phase me one bit. I'm going to stay true to God no matter what comes through bad." That's the way. Then you're going to get somewhere when you start with that attitude. Remember, it's the motive that you have towards anything that determines what you're going to get out of it. It's your motives. If your motives is right, you'll be all right. But always make your motives right. Serve the Lord for one purpose, because you love Him, not because you're afraid of hell, not because you're afraid of dying, but because you love Him, Who loved you when you were unlovable. That's it."Dear dying Lamb, Thy precious Blood shall never lose its power till all the ransomed Church of God be saved to sin no more." That's right. "Ever since by faith I saw that stream, Thy flowing wounds supply, redeeming love has been my theme, and shall be till I die." What a marvelous quotation of the poet. And that's right. Take all of everything else, but give me love.

14And from his sermon Unity one God one church 58-1221E P:51 In the prayer tonight, our heavenly Master prayed to the Father that we'd be one as He and God is One. And how close were They? God was the Life and Spirit in Him. And if we are one with Him, we will be, Life and Spirit of Him will be in us. Then earthly, carnal, intellectual conception, and creeds, and dogmas will fade out; and a new, generated, born again, virgin experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit will take place in the human heart. Then you'll be one; then brother will really be brother; sister will be sister. Your objectives, and your motives, and all that you are, and all that you ever want to be, or try to be, will be for the Kingdom of God, no matter what church you represent, where you go or what you do.

15Again from his sermon, Jesus Christ the same 58-0323 P:41 brother Branham said, "And if He is the same, then we should sell out, surrender everything to Him: our motives, our objectives, our wills to Him. But the world will never do it. He said they wouldn't. Men were ordained to this condemnation."

16And not only their motives and objectives changed but many other aspects of their life as well.

17In paragraph 78 of the Rising of the Son brother Branham said, "Now, listen, here's another thing for proof. It so quickened them in such a way till you know what? They was lifted up in heavenly places, and their mortal bodies was so quickened till their language changed. It only, It quickened their language. That's what the Bible says. It's... Their mortal bodies being quickened, their language was quickened; their thoughts were quickened; their spirits were quickened; their life were quickened; they were quickened altogether. They tried to talk and couldn't talk in any more human languages. They was so quickened up in the Presence of God till they spoke in a new tongues, a heavenly language. Whew. What a Quickening Power.

18Notice not only their motives and objectives were quickened but he said, their language was quickened; their thoughts were quickened; their spirits were quickened; their life were quickened; they were quickened altogether

1979 If the Spirit that raised up Jesus from the dead dwells in you (Oh, hallelujah.), It will quicken your mortal bodies. (what does that means?)

20Then he answers what it means when he says, "It'll make you do things you didn't do before. They was full of the Quickening Power then. See? Your body ain't subject to sin no more. You desires... He say, "Come on out here."You say, "Shut your mouth." "Oh, we got the biggest...""Shut your mouth." Ah, you're a eagle. Did you ever see how independent an old eagle walks? He don't hop like a vulture (See?) to every dead and all the carrion laying on the ground. No, sir. He walks proud. "Shut your mouth." "Oh, here's a good dinner over here.""Not for me. My desires is changed; my appetite is different, for man shall not live on the world of carrion alone, but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God." A genuine quickened eagle lives by that. Amen.

21So we see brother Branham talk about the quickening power of their holy Ghost that when they were quickened and made alive, their mortal bodies were quickened as well, and it changed them and made them do things they wouldn't do before and couldn't do before. It made their bodies obey their confession.

22From his sermon Show us the Father 59-0419E P:71 "The thing to do is know that you're coming to fulfill a promise that God made you. There's going to be thousands of people praying for you. And when you come by this line, when we pray, lay hands on you, just as soon as hands is laid upon you, you've just like rising them up out of the water of being baptized. You have done something that God give you a promise what would happen. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved. You go right out of this building testifying that you're saved. What if you go out of the building saying that, "Well, I don't know." Then you're not saved. But God will make your body obey your confession. See? And He's the High Priest of our confession. Before you can be healed, you have to confess it first. You have to believe that you are healed. And then when you believe you're healed, God makes your body obey your confession. So now when you come by here, just let it be settled; say, "God, this is Your command. I believe I'm healed,"

23Attitude and who is God? 50-0815 P:35 "And when the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is here to inspire you, remember, God will make your body come into your confession. If you say you're a drunkard, and want a drink. Don't worry, you'll soon be one. If you say you're a sinner, and want to sin, you'll be right into it. If you say you're a Christian and believe it all along, God will bring... Your testimony will bring you right into it. If you believe in healing, and believe that God has healed you, confess it, and God will make your body obey your confession, for He's the High Priest of your confession; setting at the right-hand of the Father now with His own Blood to make intercessions for any confession upon anything that He died for. And He died to rid sin. And sickness is the result of sin. "He was wounded for our transgressions, with His stripes we are healed." Remember that. Have faith. Don't waiver. Stand on it."

24But here is the problem that exists in the churches today. In fact, brother Branham tells us what that problem is in his sermon, What think ye of Christ 53-1213M P:22 He said, "And the weakness of the Church today is one of the fundamental reasons that we see no more going on in the Church. First thing I think is because there's not enough travel of soul to bring the person in contact with his Maker. And another thing is this: is the person who does find God, doesn't realize who He is after he's found God. See? If you only realized that you're setting now with Christ Jesus, that many of the people are trying to post it off to some other great age and all healing over in the millennium and so forth. And all the miracles over in the millennium.

2523 "What are we going to need miracles in the millennium, when we're supernatural beings? See? How are we going to need those thing... Now, the Bible said, "Now are we the sons of God." Not... "Now" is now a present tense. "Now are we the sons." Not we will be, we are now. We are this morning; we are this very hour. "Now are we the sons of God, seated together, set together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus now." Right this very minute we're seated together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Every man, by one spirit we're all baptized into one Body, become members of this Body by Holy Spirit baptism. And now, we're seated together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, free from judgment. We can never go to the judgment. How can you be judged twice? God judged Jesus Christ, and He put our judgment upon Christ, and Christ paid our judgment at Calvary. If we're in Christ, we're secured in Christ. How do we get into Christ? "By one Spirit we're all baptized into one body." Is that right?

26Faithful Abraham 61-0312 P:26 he preached Divine healing in the millennium. How would you need Divine healing in the millennium when they got a glorified body? Oh, what he--what he...?... How people will try to scruple up the Scriptures just because they don't know Them, or won't let the Holy Spirit lead them to it. That's right.

27Jairus the secret believer 55-0604 P:46 Now, as we see this little fellow making his way down, and all the people criticizing him. But remember, he couldn't say now, "Oh, I will wait till a more convenient time." It was then. Action had to take place. He had to get to Jesus, or his child would die. And brethren tonight, if we don't get people to Christ, they'll die. The hour is here. People says, "I will believe in Divine healing in the millennium." Well, what you need with Divine healing when you're immortal. Today is the day, no more chance. This is the day of salvation. Let's get people to Christ.

28Having conferences 60-0608 P:56 What do they do? The great Sanhedrin church, great organization said, "We'll stop this nonsense. None of this Divine healing around here; the days of miracles is passed." Sure, they believed it. "Might have been that way back in the days of Moses."But Moses said... In Moses' day it was way back somewhere else; you're always putting it in the past or away somewhere in the future. I heard someone say one time that Divine healing would be in the millennium. Well, you got a glorified body then, so what do you need with any Divine healing? It's the devil trying to put you off in something over yonder, some millennium you're going to be something; you are right now sons and daughters of God. Amen. If your man-made theology just give you a little cold tater and told you to wait, you go ahead. But I got a full course dinner of the Holy Ghost. How... Bless God; that's right.

29Jehovah Jireh 57-0106 P:25 I've always said, "You don't know who you are." That man setting by you is a son of God. That woman setting by you is His daughter. And we are sons and daughters of God, setting together in heavenly places right now in Christ Jesus, Him working with us, confirming the Word with signs following. Not, we will be in the millennium; we won't need healing in the millennium. Now is when we need healing. Now is when God is Jehovah-jireh to provide anything that we've got need of, for we're Abraham's seed under the covenant, through the death, and burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Amen. That'll make a Baptist shout. That's right. Think of that. My, I really feel religious when I think of that: saved by the grace of God, not by my own will, but by His will. Not by my own desire, but He changed my desire. I, My mind was once away from God, was changed and brought to God. I could no more make myself do that, than a leopard could lick his spots off. No, sir. It taken God to do it. It taken God to bring you here tonight. It taken God to save you. And God is doing everything He can to show you His goodness to you. Oh, I hope you see it.

30Romans 9:16 So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy.

31And again we read in John 1:12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: 13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

32Again from brother Branham's sermon Just one more time Lord 63-0120E P:65 he said, "Well, you say, "It's not right." The Holy Ghost, when He comes, He'll teach you all these things. See, certainly did. And somebody said something about Divine healing, and they claimed it was in another day (See?), pointing off to what was. "Maybe it'll be over in the millennium." What do you need Divine healing in the millennium for, when you're immortal? Today is the day. This is the day. Say, "Well, we have revivals." Look at the moral decay in the church. Look how corruptible it's getting every year. Look at our Pentecostal groups, how it's fallen. Shut your eyes and think of it fifteen years ago when I was here, then look out and see what you got today. You know that's the truth. It's a sin and shame. That's right. Getting further and further away from the Word of God all the time.

33Perseverant 62-0729 P:53 David said, "I'll go fight him." Oh, my. He was perseverant. His brothers said, "I know you're naughty. Go on back to your pappy and to them sheep over there on the hill."But David wouldn't do it, because God had done anchored. He said..."Why," he said, "that man will throw his spear through you," and what all he will do, and all like this. He said, "But I was herding my father's sheep, and God helped me to take a kid out of a lion's mouth, and a bear," and so forth. And he said, "The God that would give me deliverance from that lion's paw and that bear's paw, how much more would He give me victory over that uncircumcised Philistine, who's defying, saying, 'The days of miracles is past.'" That big denominational creed that tries to place God's miracles way back in here, and Divine healing over in the millennium, when you'll be immortal. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If there ever was God, He's still God. There he was. And you know what happened in the story. Yes.

34Where I think pentecost failed 55-1111 P:12 So if you could ever get real good fundamental faith amongst Pentecostal people, or fundamental doctrine with the Pentecostal people, and vice versa, I'd like to see what the meeting would be. When the people realize that you are not you will be, you are, present tense, right now, sons and daughters of God. You're pushing it way off out to the millennium somewhere, all the blessings out in the millennium. Why, it's right now. We won't need Divine healing in the millennium. We... Now, is when we have it. We won't be sons of God, but now you're sons of God, and heirs, joint heirs with Jesus. And everything that Jesus died for at Calvary is your possession. Amen. Brother, Satan don't like that, because... if the people would only realize and just be willing to take God at His Word, you would--you'd just hard... Well, it's unlimited.

35Spiritual inspiration 56-0128 P:64 So the woman said... She seen Elijah take the stick and go out like that; she said, "That don't satisfy me." She knowed... She didn't know whether God was in that stick or not, but she knowed God was in that prophet, so she said, "I... As the Lord liveth and your soul never dies," said, "I'll not leave you. I want to know what God wants me to do." Amen. If you won't take a little cold taters... Excuse that expression. If the devil wants to tell you, "Well, you go join the church. Just stand over on the side; some glorious day in the millennium there'll be healing for the sick and there'll be the experiences again." If you want the devil to stick that down your throat and wait for something else, you're passing by pie, and ice cream, fried chicken, and the good things. Amen. I can't be satisfied with joining a church. I've got to get acquainted with Christ. No matter if your theological sticks going around, "I don't believe that," your measuring sticks. "If you do this, and if you do that, and if you do this." I don't like them old measuring sticks. Cast the thing away and get the Lord Jesus. The woman said, "I'll not leave you, 'cause I know you're in this." I don't know whether He's in the Methodist church, or the Baptist church, or the Pentecostal church, or the Lutheran church. I don't know about that. But I know what: He's in my heart. Amen. That's His dwelling place. She said, "I'll not leave you. I'm going to stay right with you."

36Hidden life in Christ 55-1110 P:27 We think that it was in this place here that Aaron's rod was kept. In there also come the manna. Manna... We'll have to go back to the Old Testament to pick up this thought of manna. Manna fell to keep the children of Israel alive while they were in their pilgrimage between Egypt and the promised land, which was a beautiful type of the church today in its pilgrimage from Egypt to the promised land. Do you believe we're on our road to a promised land? Canaan didn't represent heaven, because they had wars in Canaan. Canaan represented the millennium. So we're on our road to the millennium. And as God promised to supply all their needs along the road, He's promised to supply all our needs along the road. And as soon as they crossed over the separating line of the Red Sea, God, when they had need of bread, He rained it out of heaven. When they need of healing, God had Moses to erect a serpent. When they had need of meat, he caused the wind to blow in the fowls.

37Expectations and what love is 54-0228A P:41 "Now, if he hasn't got the Holy Spirit in there, he's got nothing but just his mind to rest on it, so he just can't comprehend the things of God. He doesn't know them. The natural mind can't understand the things of God; they're foolish to him. Now, the Pentecostal or Full Gospel, you are... The one thing that I find that's one of the greatest hindrance among us, is that you're trying to place the great things of God, yet to come, when you're right in the middle of it now. That's right. Now, you say, "Just wait till some..." Well, that could be the millennium where we won't need any healings and things. That's the next age to be issued in. Now we're in the Holy Ghost age. Now you are the sons of God. Now we're seated together in heavenly places, not we will be, we are now, this afternoon, right here now, sons and daughters of God seated together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. There we are. See? All things are possible then.

38Notice brother Branham quotes 1 Corinthians 2 The natural mind can't understand the things of God; they're foolish to him. And the natural man is one that is not born again and filled with the spirit of God.

39Therefore, only a Spirit filled man can understand the things of God. That is why the natural man will put things off into the millennium, because he can not understand how we can have them here and now.

40God's provided place of worship 65-0425 P:47 And that's what's the matter with the church today. We're full of theology, without any dynamics in it. That's right. See? In other words, you've got to have the spark to the gasoline, or the gasoline is no more than... It's not even as good as water, as long as it hasn't got the spark to fire it. So that's the way. No matter how well we're taught, how well we'll believe, and how much of the Bible that we say is true, and we believe it all true; it's got to be the dynamics has got to be there, the spark, to set that Word afire and make it start rolling. It's got to have that. If you don't, the church sets still, the car sets still, you'll set still. But no matter how much you say, "I sympathize. I believe every Word of That." You've got to have something to spark that off to make that one hundred octane go to firing, and the big Church of God go to moving on. It's got to take the dynamics with the mechanics. Nothing wrong with the mechanics, but lacking dynamics. And I think that's what's the matter with the church today; we're lacking that dynamical power to press this Word and make It live for this day.

41God's provided place of worship 65-0425 P:48 Martin Luther had the mechanics and dynamics in his day. John Wesley had them of his day. Pentecostal had them with their day. What about our day? This is another time. The church should be fully grown now, ready to go meet Christ, with the manifestation of every blessing that He promised in the Bible, operating in that one great Body where He promised that He'd meet the people and be worshipped in this great church of His.

42Rising of the sun 65-0418M P:62 Why? You are that Seed that the resurrection of the S-o-n has dawned and the wave Sheaf upon the earth to make you recognize that you are a eagle and not a denominational chicken. You see it? Now, if the Spirit that raised Him from the dead, the Word, the Dynamic of the Word, dwells in you, It also quickens your mortal body. Now, how are we flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone? Because (quickly) while we were yet mortal sinners (mortal, ready to die, these bodies), It quickens that body. What's quicken? Brings to Life. The Spirit that once liked to drink, run around, commit adultery, and all these... It's quickened. Why, the thing's died and you're resurrected. It quickens your mortal body. Therefore, your body is the temple of the Dynamics. Because why? From the beginning you are part of the mechanics. Oh. There's your resurrection. There's the church in the resurrection with Him. These bodies right now are quickened. See? You've heard; you believe; it changed you from a denomination to the Word. See?

43Rising of the sun 65-0418M P:48 Until the church or the people... All these Easter bunnies, and ceremonies, and big churches, and finery will fail and pass away, until that church becomes both Dynamics and Mechanics, and the Spirit of God that moved Him to do the things that He did, if He hit on sixteen cylinders, so will the Bride. Amen. For He said in John 14:12, "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also, I'll give him a charge of My Dynamics in his mechanics, that the world will not be able to withstand it, and I'll raise him up again at the last day."That's the Easter message: the Dynamics and the mechanics together. The mechanics without the Dynamics, no good; neither is the Dynamics without the mechanics. You can scream and shout and jump up and down all you want to, and deny this Word; it won't do any good. You're just cranking around, the pistons got spark there to fire, but no gasoline to fire it by. It'll only work as they come together. Amen. So one will set still and the other one'll go up; that's the only thing there is to it. Yet they both might look like, both claim to be churches, both claim to be brides, but one has mechanics and Dynamics. It brings it to pass. But what He said is the Truth. It just won't move, no matter how good the mechanics is, until the Dynamics come. When the Dynamics come, that Fire is made to connect with that octane in the gasoline. And when that explodes it, it causes a combustion, and that combustion moves every motion, every move, for He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. That's the resurrection; that's the real power of God: mechanics with the Dynamics.

44Rising of the sun 65-0418M P:46 There was the first Sheaf come up from all the prophets which was the Son of God, the King of all prophets. There has been churches, churches, brides, brides, churches, brides, brides, but there's got to come One. Hallelujah. There has to come a real Bride. There must come One that's not only got the mechanics, but the Dynamics of It, makes that church live, move in the power of His resurrection. Until we come to that place, until we find that place, what good does it do to polish the hubs? What good does it do to give her a face-lift or a simonize job, when there's no Dynamics in it? No matter how much the mechanics prove to be right, there's got to be a Dynamics to make it work. That's what He proved. Hallelujah. That's what Easter proved. He wasn't only the Word, but He was God Himself, the Dynamics in the Word, that made the body of Jesus Christ, cold, stiff, and dead in the grave, shake into Life and rise again, and roll away the stone.

45Rising of the sun 65-0418M P:44 Until... No matter how much theologians claim, how well you got your church set, how much education you got, how much like the Bible, until that wave Sheaf, until the Holy Spirit comes upon that person to quicken that Word (The gasoline represents the Word; It's the Truth.); but without the Spirit it won't move. We've put too much stress on the mechanics and nothing on the dynamics. It needs the dynamic power of God, the resurrection power of Jesus Christ upon the church to manifest and to bring to pass that this is gasoline. It might be in a gasoline can; it could still be water. See? But the only proof of it is put the Life on it, and it'll prove whether it's gasoline or not.

46Turn on the light 64-0125 P:65 In this hour, brother, when we wonder what's the matter with our revival, what's the matter? We got the material and everything; we got the mechanics, but where is the Dynamics? That's what we need to move Jesus Christ in on the scene. What's the matter? I tell you, there's One here today (Hallelujah.), called the Holy Ghost, that can touch the Dynamics. He is the Dynamics of the mechanics. We stand today, us Pentecostals, one of the greatest churches in the nation, thousands times thousands added each year, but where is that Holy Ghost? We've accept it by speaking in tongues, and we seen how it's acted. Methodist accept it by shouting. Luther accept it by faith, and so forth like that. That isn't It. It's the Word. It's the Word turned on, the Light turned on the mechanics and they become Dynamics. They're Dynamics, when the Dynamics, when the Dynamic comes to the mechanic. It starts the thing rolling. That's right. Take the Word. If there's one little thing missed up on It, it won't start. Lay aside every weight, every ism, every creed, that the Dynamics, the Holy Spirit, might flow through the Word and vindicate the Word that's promised to this day; then the great Church of God will rise to her feet like a jet propelled plane, take off to the skies to meet her Master. That's exactly right. Until we do that, it won't work. That's what about. Yes, sir. Who'll do it? Who'll keep it in this day that we're thinking about? Remember, remember, brother.

47Looking unto Jesus 64-0122 P:28 Moses looked one day; he seen a Pillar of Fire. It attracted his attention. This great theologian, he had run with all of his theological training, and his understanding by his mother of the Word Itself of how that he was to deliver the children of Israel. But when he tried in his way, he failed. And although his mother had thoroughly instructed him on what to do, and what he would do, and what God had raised him up for, all this knowledge, as good as it is, and it is good, but yet it had to be set off. That was only mechanics. Mechanics ain't what runs the automobile. It's the dynamics that runs it. The mechanics don't run the church; it's the dynamics, the Holy Ghost that gets into this Word. It's not a seminary that teaches you all the theology and the Greek interpretations. But it's the dynamics of the Holy Ghost in there to set that afire and to bring it to pass, and to make it live just exactly what the promised Word is for this hour: not the mechanics; the dynamics. It takes mechanics and dynamics, the Word and the Spirit; they are the One that gives Life.

48Absolute an 63-1201M P:61 He is the Dynamics of the mechanics. The mechanics of the Church, what is it? Apostles, prophets, teachers, so forth. And He's the Dynamics that works that. And it's worked by a certain dynamic which is called like... He's the Fire that fires off the gas. He's the Fire that's in the combustion chamber, that when the gas, the Word, is poured over that combustion chamber, He's the One that sets Her afire. He's the One that confirms it. He is the power of the resurrection. He is God. He's the Fire; that's what He is.

49What shall I do with Jesus 63-1124M P:85 Their big church is to be united... The Dynamics of this church will be a refilling of the Holy Spirit, that we have worked in a small measure while the Headstone is coming down to unite with the Body. But when that Head and Body unites together the full power of the Holy Ghost would raise Her up just exactly like... Even the dead, that's dead in Christ for hundreds of years ago, will rise in the beauty of His holiness and take a flight through the skies. The Dynamics is the Holy Spirit.

50Let us pray...