149 Now, the Word plainly states (if you want to put this down) in Galatians 5 and 6, that faith worketh by love. See? Faith worketh by love. And the only way that you can have faith, is have love first. Because after all, faith is love's incentive. Incentive, that's exactly what faith is, is an incentive to love. Now, if you don't have love you can't have faith. See?

2In the last couple sermons we showed you how that this word "worketh" where Paul said, "faith worketh by love" this word worketh was translated from the Greek word energeo, and it speaks energy. Thus Paul is telling us that "faith is energized by love."

3And noticed that brother Branham said "the only way that you can have faith, is have love first".

4Wednesday night we showed you that if it is necessary to have Love first before we can have Faith, then we also must have a rapturing Love before we will ever have a Rapturing Faith.

5In fact brother Branham nailed home that point when he said,

6From his sermon, Beyond the curtain of time 61-0305 P:25 he said, "Never let me compromise with the Word. Let me stay straight on the Word. I don't care what anyone else does, Lord. Let me press on to that beautiful, joyful place."I am more convinced than ever in my life, that it will take perfect love to enter that place. There was no jealousy, no tiredness, no sickness, no old age, no death, only supreme beauty and joy. (Hallelujah!) Whatever you do, lay aside everything else until you get perfect love. Get to where you can love everybody, even every enemy. No matter if the plane is rocking, the lightning is flashing, or the guns of the enemy are upon you, these things do not matter; get perfect love. If you're not saved, accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour, now. If you have not been baptized in water, be baptized now. If you have not received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, receive It now. Press on in that perfect love, which will take you to that beautiful and joyful place beyond the curtain of time. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Amen.

7Now, he never said, "you got to get your doctrine right first in order to make the rapture", no that's not what he said. And he never said, "you've got to set under the right teacher to make the rapture." No he didn't say that either. Notice he said, ."I am more convinced than ever in my life, that it will take perfect love to enter that place." And he also said, "Whatever you do, lay aside everything else until you get perfect love".

8Therefore if we say what is on the tapes and only what is on those tapes and line it up with the Scriptures as we did Wednesday night, then it out to be a no brainer. YOU must first have a rapturing Love before you can have a Rapturing Faith.

9Now, this morning we will continue at paragraph number 50 brother Branham sermon Desperation where he said, "How can you have faith in your wife if you don't love her? That's in Phileo. Now, how about Agapao to God? How can it be if you don't love God? If you said you love your wife and never tell her about it, and never set down and make love to her, expressing it to her, kiss her, hug her, and tell her she's the best cook in the country, all the things that you know, and how pretty she is, and how much you love her; if you don't do that she'll never know it. That's the way. If you do love her, you express it. That's the way we do to God. When we love Him, we tell Him about it. We set down and we adore Him, and worship Him, and... See, love drives us to that.

1051 Now, what if something's got to be done for your wife. Why, it'd throw you into desperation to get it done. What if somebody says your wife's got cancer? What if somebody says your wife's got TB; she's fixing to die? Yet, you'll do anything. See, it'll throw you into desperation. That's the same thing that it is. We must have love before we can have faith, and faith... When we have genuine love, what does it do? It pushes our faith out on the battlefront for God. Genuine godly love for God and for His Word and for His people, will push faith out there. Love just takes a-hold of faith and just... "Come on; let's go." And out it goes, 'cause that's what love does.

11You know for years I fellowshipped with so many brothers who believed in Br. Vayle's teaching ministry and how he took the doctrine of Christ as William Branham taught it and broke it down for us so that we could tie that Revelation of Jesus Christ to this End-Time season in which we are living, and it bothered me that no one had a burden on their heart for others outside that little circle. And I kept thinking about our brothers and sisters in Africa, and Asia and South America and other places around the world that would benefit tremendously by having this Revelation of Christ and understanding of the son of God and His relationship to the Father.

12And out of love for my brothers that I had never even met, my Love for the Father and his children, I went against my own self will, because I no more wanted to go to Africa or Asia where there is so much sickness and disease, yet the Scripture tells us "The Love of God constrains us to do what the Father wants to be done."

13And so as Isaiah said, "When the coal of Fire had touched the prophet, Making him as pure as pure can be, When the voice of God said, "Who will go for us?"Then he answered, "Master, here, send me."Speak, my Lord, speak, my Lord, Speak, and I'll be quick to answer Thee; Speak, my Lord, speak, my Lord, Speak, and I will answer, "Lord, send me."[Brother Branham begins humming, "Speak, My Lord."--Ed.] Think of it now, teenager, while they're humming that song. Think of it, minister, businessman, housewife. We're down at the house of the Lord now. Look above you and see your Example, the Cherubims. Just think, you're at the end of time now. Time will fade into eternity, maybe today. We don't know just when. Think of it. There's millions now in sin and shame are dying; (Look on the street.)Listen to their sad and bitter cry; Hasten, brother, hasten to their rescue; Quickly answer, "Master, here am I."Oh, speak, my Lord, oh, speak... (Mean it from your heart now. Isaiah, where are you?)... and I'll be quick to answer Thee; Speak, my Lord... (Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostals, where you at?) Lord, speak, and I will answer, "Lord, send me." Influence 63-1130B P:84

14Now, let's continue with Desperation and we will pick up at paragraph 52. John 14:23, Jesus said, "If a man loves Me he will keep My words." Now, you can't keep His words without having faith in what He said. So you see, if he loves God, then he keeps God's Word. If He said, "I'm the Lord that heals thee," he believes that. Love makes him believe it, because love dominates all. "Though I speak with tongue of men and Angels and have not love, it's nothing." See? "Though I have faith to move mountains and have not love, it's nothing." Love dominates all, 'cause God is love, a God of love. Now. Yes, sir. If Jesus said, "If a man loves Me, he will keep My words"...

151 Corinthians 13: THE MESSAGE Translation 1 13 If I speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy but don’t love, I’m nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate. 2 If I speak God’s Word with power, revealing all his mysteries and making everything plain as day, and if I have faith that says to a mountain, “Jump,” and it jumps, but I don’t love, I’m nothing. 3-7 If I give everything I own to the poor and even go to the stake to be burned as a martyr, but I don’t love, I’ve gotten nowhere. So, no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I’m bankrupt without love.

16Then Paul gives us a complete list of the attributes and characteristics of Love. He says,

1. Love never gives up.
2. Love cares more for others than for self.
3. Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have.
4. Love doesn’t strut,
5. Love doesn’t have a swelled head,
6. Love doesn’t force itself on others,
7. Love is never “me first,” because Love is living for others, Because Love is eternal Life.
8. Love doesn’t fly off the handle,
9. Love doesn’t keep score of the sins of others,
10. Love doesn’t revel when others grovel,
11. Love takes pleasure in the flowering of truth, no matter who or where it comes from.
12. Love puts up with anything,
13. Love trusts God always,
14. Love always looks for the best, in others and in circumstances
15. Love never looks back,
16. Love keeps going to the end.

8-10 Love never dies. (Why Because it is eternal, for God is Love). Inspired speech will be over some day; praying in tongues will end; understanding will reach its limit. We know only a portion of the truth, and what we say about God is always incomplete. But when the Complete Vindicated Word arrives, our incompleteness will be canceled out. For that is when the Capstone will arrive and cap the pyramid with Love, which is God Himself.

1753 We know it is true that God will meet a desperate soul. Now, we all know that. But it usually takes something to drive us into that despair, to the desperation. It takes something to do it.

1854 We find out in James 5:15 that the Bible said that "the effectual, fervent" (that's desperation) "effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much". When a righteous man, a good man, gets in travail, or soul travel, or travail, either one... (I think "travel" is a better word. Travail or travel, either which one you want to call it.) But when the a soul gets in desperation in travailing, an effectual fervent prayer of a man that can show the Token, it does something. See?

1955 Notice what the Bible said here also in James 16-5:16, said, "Confessing our faults" (getting right, making ready for it)... "Confess our faults one to another." Having no faults... ask people to pray for you, "confessing our faults one to another and praying one for the other"... There you are. With love that I got confidence, I can confess to you my wrong. You can confess to me your wrong; I love you well enough that I will pray for you and you pray for me; and will stay with it with an effectual, fervent prayer until it's answered. That's desperation. That's what we should have all the time.

2056 Let's take some Scriptural examples of that, what happened, now for another, about fifteen minutes, the Lord willing. Jacob, he was a man. He was first a, kind of a carefree boy. He thought in his own mind that he knew that the birthright meant everything to him, and he didn't care how he had to get it, just so he got it. And after he got it, he thought everything was all right because he had the birthright. He thought the thing was settled. He come up to his brother when he was hungry, coming in from the field from working with the cattle and hunting the deer. And his brother, he needed a big pot of pottage, wild peas and things together. Might've been very tempting when a man's hungry after walking all day. And his brother said, "I'm just about ready to faint. Give me some of this."
And he said, "Well now, if you'll swear to me I'll get the birthright." See? He didn't care how he done it, just so he got it. And he thought when he got the birthright that settled it.

21Now, you might think what a skunk, if he were my brother and was starving I would have fed him for nothing. But Jacob fought with Esau for their birth right even in the womb, and still when they were coming forth from the womb. Esau was the bigger and stronger of the two and he won out by shear strength and pushed his way out of his mother's womb first, but Jacob came out holding onto the heel of his brother.

22So Jacob was born with the desire for birthright because God made him that way. And he saw the disdain his brother Esau had for the things of the Lord, and he thought, "Esau could care less about the birthright, and he thinks more about this life than the next one, so I'll put him to the test. And Esau didn't think twice about selling out his birthright, and God knew this, and permitted this to happen. And that is the doctrine of Twins, And brother Branham said, "Every revival produces Twins".

23In his sermon, Blind Bartimaeus 61-0124 P:49 brother Branham said, "Every revival produces twins. The two sons of Isaac is well represented. Every time there's a revival, there's a Esau born and a Jacob born. One religious man of the world gets starchy, and takes some seminary experience; and the other one wants that birthright regardless of how he has to get it. If he has to be a holy-roller, or anything else, he wants the birthright, I don't care. That's what's the matter with the people today. They're afraid of that birthright. Oh, how that they hate that. But it produces twins. The men of the world, very religious inclined, do good alms and things, but cares nothing about the birthright... Those two great factions has been fighting since the world begin. And they're about ready to come to a head right now, where something that Jesus said, "they'd be so close alike they'd deceive the very elected if it was possible." It's true. You see what a deceiving hour that we're living in. Stay with the Word, brother. Don't leave that Word. That's right. The Word will speak for Itself.

24Now, back to Desperation and we will pick up at paragraph 57 And we will see how brother Branham ties the Pentecostal's failure to the same failure of Esau. "Pentecost, there's where you failed. You thought because you were born of the Spirit, born of the Spirit of God, the birthright, that settled it. But it only starts it. You remember in the message of "Hear Ye Him," how that the child, after it was born in the family, become a son. It had rights to the birthright, but it had to be proven, child-trained. And then, if it did not prove out to be an obedient child to the father's will, then it must be... Well, it did not become heir. It heired nothing, yet it was a son. But he heired nothing, if he wasn't interested in the father's work. And so, when the Holy Ghost fell upon the Pentecostal people and begin to restore back the gifts and things that was in the church, they thought because they were born in the Spirit, that settled it. But you see, there's a placing of a son. And after this son proved to be a real son, then he was taken in a public place, and then was set up, and changed robes, and set up there, and then there was a placing of the son that he had heir of everything the father had.

2558 God did the same thing to His Son on Mount Transfiguration. He was overshadowed by a cloud and was transfigured, and His raiment shined like the sun, and a voice said, "This is My Beloved Son in whom I'm well pleased. Moses and the law had failed, and this is Him. Hear ye Him." He was placed. See?

26Now, catch how brother Branham speaks of Jesus being placed on Mount Transfiguration. That is when he received his adoption, and his being placed as a son. And what did he do next? He went right down from that mountain and went straight to the job His Father had placed him on earth for to do. And you know what that was? It was the job God had ordained for him to do even before the very foundations of the world. To become the bleeding dying lamb for the sins of the world. That was his placement in the family.

27In Ephesians 1:3-4 we see God calling us and ordaining us to the adoption or placing of sons even before the foundations of the world were laid.

28Ephesians 1:3 "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ: 4 According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him (in His Presence): 5 In love Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will,

29And at the very same time, before the foundations of the world we are told according to Revelations 13:8 that God predestined the eldest son in a vast family of brothers to come forth and take his role in the family as the bleeding dying Lamb. "the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world."

30Notice, "the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world." The same time God our Father was ordaining the rest of His children to the adoption of sons. And he could not have done this if He had not the Love of God in him constraining Him to do it.

31John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

32For the Bible also tells us in John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

33Desperation 59 "Now, Jacob thought because that he had the birthright that everything was made. So did the Pentecostal people, and they begin to organize the oneness, three-ness, and trinitarians, and all kinds of organizations, and fussing and pulling at one another, proved that the Token wasn't showing. Malice, envy, strife... See? But that's where it got to. Now see, Jacob thought the same thing. But in fear one night of his own life, desperation took a-hold of him. When he thought that, "Just across that river yonder, my brother's waiting to kill me. He's going to..." See, the birthright that he'd gotten was the thing that was going to cause his death. And sometimes that very thing that you received as the Holy Spirit, and is, and are born again of the Spirit, if you don't watch, that same thing will condemn you at the end. That's right. The very waters that saved Noah, condemned the world. The thing that you would call fanaticism might be the very thing that condemns you at the end of the road.

34Oh how I wish I could get that message across to my brothers who believe the doctrine. The very thing that you received from God is the very thing that will undo you if you have not The Life to go with it, and the love of Christ in your heart.

35Revelations 3 tells us that the condition at the end time is that Laodicea is miserable blind and naked, and yet she doesn't know it because she is so blessed in riches and she is increased in goods.

36In other words the very blessings She received as a nation for honoring God and hearkening to her voice becomes a curse to her, because the very God who blessed he "the Judge is standing at the door and he is knocking trying to gain entry to her and she has forsaken him." But she has what she wants and has no room for the one who gave it to her.

37Now, back to brother Branham's sermon Desperation and we'll pick up at paragraph 60 "Now, Jacob knew that his life was close at the end. He had a messenger come told him that his brother with four hundred armed men was coming to meet him, knowed he was on his road. Fear took a-hold of him. He sent men on ahead with ox, and cattle, and sheep to make a peace offering with Esau. Then after that, he started another group with another load of stuff. Then he started another group with another load of stuff, trying to meet him first, to try to turn his wrath. Then he got to thinking, "That won't stop him, because he's probably richer than I am. He doesn't need it." Then he took his wives and his little children and sent them across, that Esau would see them little children and his wives. And surely all his own little nieces and nephews, he would not slay them. Then he still, he couldn't do it. God knows how to get a man. Jacob crossed the brook. There he got down on his knees. You know, he'd been kind of a little shyster before that. Excuse the expression, but kind of a little... He was a Jacob. "Jacob" means "a deceiver," and that's what he was. But there's something had to happen to him. There in desperation, there when death lay before him...

3861 There may be men and women setting here tonight that death lays right before you, and the only way that you'll ever be able to achieve the thing that you're wanting is to desperately come. "I must have it tonight. I get it now, or I'm finished. Tomorrow's too late; I must have it now." When you pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the Token, don't say, "Well, now I'll go up and try. Lord, I'm a little tired." Oh mercy, stay in your seat. Don't even, don't even make an attempt. If you come say, "I'll pass through the prayer line. Put the oil on my head; I'll see if it does me any good." Might as well set where you're at until you get to that place. Until the whole church gets to a place that it's between death and life, you've got to have it now or perish, then God will move on the scene. It takes desperation to bring God on the scene.

39Exodus 17:8 Then came Amalek, and fought with Israel in Rephidim. Niow, Israel didn't go looking for a battle, no more than the Elect of God go out looking to do battle, but the battle came to them.

409 And Moses said unto Joshua, Choose us out men, and go out, fight with Amalek: to morrow I will stand on the top of the hill with the rod of God in mine hand. 10 So Joshua did as Moses had said to him, and fought with Amalek: and Moses, Aaron, and Hur went up to the top of the hill. 11 And it came to pass, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed: and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed. 12 But Moses' hands were heavy; and they took a stone, and put it under him, and he sat thereon; and Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands, the one on the one side, and the other on the other side; and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun. 13 And Joshua discomfited Amalek and his people with the edge of the sword. 14 And the LORD said unto Moses, Write this for a memorial in a book, and rehearse it in the ears of Joshua: for I will utterly put out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven. 15 And Moses built an altar, and called the name of it Jehovah-nissi: 16 For he said, Because the LORD hath sworn that the LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.

41Notice we see here that when Moses was praying to God with his hands stretched out in the form of the cross of Christ we see he kept praying but when he began to grow weary and dropped his hands, Amelek began to have victory. So we see Aaron the high priest along with another brother named Hur, who was of the tribe of Judah went over to him to help Him in his desperation, because they were in battle, and as long as Moses held His hands out in the sign of the cross Israel was victorious in battle, but when he grew weary and tired and dropped his arms, then the enemy had victory. And when we grow weary of the Cross, and our cross, that is when the enemy gains a victory over us.

42Now, back to brother Branham's sermon Desperation and we will continue reading at paragraph 62 "Jacob cried like never before. Desperately he called until he got ahold of God; and when he did, he wrestled not for fifteen minutes. He wrestled to keep Him in his soul all night long, and still he knew he didn't have the blessing; and he was able to hold on until the blessing come. He wrestled desperately until the blessing come. Then... And when he seen... Until God came on the scene, and then in despair, "I'll not let You go," when he begin to feel the blessing coming down on him... A lot of people say, "Glory to God, I got it now." There, you're deceived. Yeah. Somebody say, "Oh, I just feel so good, Brother Branham; I went down there and prayed. Oh, shivers run over me and I..." That might've been God. "I saw a great light before me." That still might've been God, but that ain't what I'm talking about.

4363 The Bible said, Hebrews the 6th chapter, "The rain falleth on the just and the unjust," just the same. Now, you take wheat and take weeds and put them in the field. And the rain is actually sent for the wheat, but the rain falls on the weeds the same as it does the wheat. And the rain... And the weeds is just as happy about the rain as the wheat is, and it's the very same rain. The very Holy Ghost can fall upon an unbeliever and make him act just exactly the same way a believer acts, but by their fruits they are known. That's what I'm speaking of; that's the Token.

4464 And Jacob, in desperation he said, "I know, I feeled You; You're here with me, but I'm not going to let You go." Somebody sees it fine, the first little sensation, get up and jump up-and-down, and run up the aisle, and say, "I got It, I got It, I got It." Oh, no, huh-uh, no. Jacob stayed there until something happened that made him walk different, made him a different person, because that he stayed until that happened, and he was able... The Bible said he held until he prevailed. How can a man prevail over God? But you can do it. You can do it. A man can prevail over God.

4565 One time there was a man named Hezekiah, had been told by the prophet, "THUS SAID THE LORD, you're going to die." Hezekiah turned his face to the wall, and in desperation he wept out, "Lord, consider me. I've walked before You with a perfect heart, and I need fifteen more years." After God had told him that something was going to happen; he was going to die. And in desperation he changed the program of God. Desperations, he wept bitterly in desperation.

And Job in desperation applied the token without fail every single day for his kids, not knowing what sin they might be getting into. But Job was desperate, and he had a promise from God that all his offspring would be with him. And he applied that Token every single day without fail, without weariness, without giving up, and God honored His desperation, and God gave Him his children back because God had kept them for Job in Heaven.

46Job 1:1 There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil. 2 And there were born unto him seven sons and three daughters. 3 His substance also was seven thousand sheep, and three thousand camels, and five hundred yoke of oxen, and five hundred she asses, and a very great household; so that this man was the greatest of all the men of the east. 4 And his sons went and feasted in their houses, (Notice they were no longer living under Job's roof, but under their own) every one his day; and sent and called for their three sisters to eat and to drink with them. 5 And it was so, when the days of their feasting were gone about, that Job sent and sanctified them, and rose up early in the morning, and offered burnt offerings according to the number of them all: for Job said, "It may be that my sons have sinned, and cursed God in their hearts". Thus did Job continually.

47Unpardonable sin 54-1024 P:5 "This morning we turned over into Job, mentally speaking, found Job living under the days of the offering, and the burnt offering. And he thought maybe that because that his children might have sinned some way, that they didn't understand that they had sinned, Job made a burnt offering for his children, to be sure. I like that. Don't you? Interest in your children... Making a burnt offering, offering up a prayer under the sacrifice of a sheep's death, that his children would not be lost if they had sinned, that God would forgive them of their sins...Then we take on through Job and find out, in the end, how it paid off. God, after Job had went through his time of chastisement and trials, at the end it paid off. Job never lost any of his children. He was restored all of his sheep, all of his cattle, all of his ox, all of his camels, double. And then God restored or gave him his children. They were all dead to the earth, but they were waiting in glory for him to come, none of them lost. See? God gave Job his daughters and his sons. What it means to live and walk in the Light that you have to walk in, living up to all the rules that dispensationly rule.

48Condolences to Stadsklev family 60-0924 P:5 "Every one that cometh to God must be chastened and tried." And Job, in all of his suffering, and in his troubles and temptations lost all of his children, and all of his wealth, and everything. He said, "The Lord gave; the Lord taken away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord." God straightened everything up for him. Did you ever think there, Brother, Sister Stadsklev, he said, "And He restored to him his children." After He restored the camels, and the sheep and everything, and He restored his children. Do you ever think of where those children were? They were in glory waiting for him. Remember he'd made a sacrifice, and had for his children, "peradventure they might have sinned," he said.

49Thy house 61-0808 P:29 "Job, You don't want to confess it (See?), because you're a secret sinner. You're doing it secretly, and God's punishing you for it, so that's the reason that things are going for you the way they are." But he said, "No, sir. I am not a sinner." Because he was standing pat upon that righteousness of God, that burnt sacrifice. He'd offered it. That's all he had to offer. That's all God required. And did you notice, after the Spirit of God had come on the prophet and everything got all right (You see?), God restored back to Job what? He restored back to him his... Where he had ten thousand cattle, He give him twenty thousand cattle. Where he had forty-thousand sheep, He give him eighty-thousand sheep. See? And He restored everything back to him that he ever had. And you notice, it said, "And He restored his seven children." See? He gave Job his seven children. Not, didn't give him seven other children, but He gave Job his seven children. Now, what was it? His house, "Thy and thy house." Because he was righteous, because he was standing on everything that God gave us to be righteous--or gave him, was to offer that burnt offering. And he knowed that that was God's Word, and it could not fail. So, did you ever think where them children was? They was in heaven waiting for him. See? He's with them today. And God saved Job's children. They were in heaven waiting for him. See?

50Faith 61-0813 P:9 Did you notice, after the days of his tragedy, when God begin to restore to him again, where he had ten thousand cattle and so forth, He restored double: and doubled his sheep, and doubled everything. But did you notice... And God also gave Job his seven children. Did you ever think where they were at? That burnt offering stood for them. They were saved in glory waiting for him to come. He's with them today."Thou and thy house shall be saved!" See? Now, Job had had one thing to do to be righteous, was to offer the burnt offering. You have one thing to do to be righteous; that's have faith in God. For by faith are you saved; by faith are you healed; by faith you get every thing that you have. See? It's by faith, that you believe it. Now, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou and thy house shall be saved!

51Approach to God 55-0123A P:44 He had ten thousand head of cattle, he had twenty. He had ten thousand head of sheep, he had twenty. If he had thirty thousand head of a goats, why, he had sixty: God doubling to him. And then again, I believe he had seven children. And God restored his seven children. Did you ever notice? He never doubled his children, He just restored his children to him. Amen. Why? How did He do it? Through the approach, the burnt sacrifice. That's right. Yes, sir. They were all in glory, waiting for him to come. God restored Job his children after they were dead. He never restored back, making him fourteen children. He restored his animals and so forth back, but he restored to him. Because why? He become God's provided way of approach through the burnt offering. That's the approach.

52Way to have fellowship 55-1009 P:47 And notice, God restored to him all that he lost; it doubled. He doubled his sheep; He double the camels. But you notice, He just give him seven children, just what he had. What children was that? It was the same children he'd lost. They were under the Blood. They were in glory waiting for him. That's the way to have our children, isn't it. That's right. Give him back his children, sure, he's with them, tonight and will be forever more.

53Acts 16:25 And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them. 26 And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one's bands were loosed. 27 And the keeper of the prison awaking out of his sleep, and seeing the prison doors open, he drew out his sword, and would have killed himself, supposing that the prisoners had been fled. 28 But Paul cried with a loud voice, saying, Do thyself no harm: for we are all here. 29 Then he called for a light, and sprang in, and came trembling, and fell down before Paul and Silas, 30 And brought them out, and said, "Sirs, what must I do to be saved?" 31 And they said, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house". 32 And they spake unto him the word of the Lord, and to all that were in his house. 33 And he took them the same hour of the night, and washed their stripes; and was baptized, he and all his, straightway. 34 And when he had brought them into his house, he set meat before them, and rejoiced, believing in God with all his house.

54Questions and answers COD 64-0823M P:100 Remember the Philippian jailer. Believe for both you... If you've got enough faith for your own salvation, can't you have that same faith that'll work upon your people? What is faith? It's an unseen force. See? What is, it's a Spirit. The Holy Spirit brings faith. See? It's a unseen force.

55Faith 61-0813 P:7 The Philippian jailer, being a centurion (which to lose his, his prisoners was to be... His own life would have to pay for the prisoner's.), he pulled his sword and was going to commit suicide, when Paul run forth and said, "Do yourself no harm; we're all here!"And this centurion had some impressions they'd had about Paul and them. They might have sung hymns; they might have testified or done something. But whatever it was, they knowed that they were holy men. They knowed there was something different about those men, because quickly he asked, "What must I do to be saved? What must I do to be saved?" Now, Paul said, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou and thy house shall be saved."

56One of the meanest men in town 61-0429B P:26 When the Roman was converted, Paul... The Philippian jailer, down at Philippi, he said, "What can I do to be saved?" Most of us would tell him what not to do: quit drinking, quit stealing, quit lying, quit smoking. But that wasn't his question. "What must I do?" Paul said, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou and thy house shall be saved." Say, "When a man gets saved, does that save his house?" No. But if he's got enough faith to get saved himself, he's got enough faith that his house will be saved also, the same faith that saved him.

57Now in closing let's read from brother Branham's sermon Desperation paragraph 66 "Jacob stayed there until the blessing came and changed his name from "a deceiver" to "a prince with God." Even the nation was called by his name. Yes, sir. What was it? The results was because he got desperate about the thing. And the next day when he met Esau, he didn't need any guards. He walked right out and met him. See? Why? He had got in desperation till he got the assurance. And you get desperate until you get the assurance. If you don't, don't even come to be prayed for. Don't even come to go at the altar. Wait till it's between life and death to you, then something will happen. Certainly. Desperation.

58Let's pray...