1Tonight I am going to do a lot of reading from paragraph 60 through paragraph 75. We are going to cover a whole lot of ground tonight, but this is to get us ready in our minds and hearts to go deeper into these nest 15 paragraphs from Christ is the Mystery of God revealed.

2But tonight we will just read and comment as we go along. So let us open our booklets if you have them, to paragraph 60 of Christ is the Mystery of God revealed. Now, brother Branham had just read from Luke 24 where Jesus was talking to Cleopas and the other disciple on their road to Emmaus as we pick up on paragraph 60. And now, reason I never took to preach this morning was because I thought in teaching we would understand it better than just to take a text and skip over it; we'd just teach it.

61 Now, He was saying that all the Psalms and all the prophets spoke of Him. Well, therefore, that shows that all of the Old Testament, all of the New Testament, and all of the Psalms, the singing, the songs that were sung, were sung of Him. Take the 22nd Psalm and sing it and compare it with the morning of the crucifixion. See? "My God, my God, why has Thou forsaken me? All My bones, they stare at Me. They pierced My feet and My hands." Yet, all those things there... Them singing that Psalm down there in the temple and crucifying the very One... See? See, those great religious leaders, those great men, those great teachers (and yet so blinded) that was reading the prophets and was singing the songs, and doing the crime that they said they would do. The same thing is taking place this morning.

62 Now, listen close, 'cause now I ain't going to even pay attention to what that clock says. I want you to get this. See? I don't care. See? So you can see here, basically in the beginning the very thought that God had in His mind, He hid it from all of those scholars. And that just a number, a selected predestinated number, a predestinated people was the only ones that heard it. And now, search back the Scripture down through the age of the prophets and see if it wasn't the same thing. See? Now, and Jesus here referring them to the prophets and the Psalms, He said they all spoke of Him. See? And here these Jewish teachers, rabbis, doctors of the law, professors had did exactly like they had done before.

63 Now, notice. Again He said, "Search the Scriptures for they are they that testify of Me." Search the Scriptures, the Scriptures, the entire Scriptures. What am I trying to do? To show you that this Bible is the thing that's right.

Then how is it that we have men who claim to believe this prophet and then deny what he says to be the truth. Men who would argue with the prophet and say what he says is not in the Bible. Show me one man in this hour who knew more than this Prophet of God did when it comes to the Revealed word for this age? There isn’t any. No not one. O there were some who knew the Message fairly well, but even brother Vayle would tell you he didn’t know nothing back in those days and yet brother Branham said he knew more than most. But he even thought things brother Branham said were far out, such as when he heard brother Branham say, “The Shout is the Message” and brother Vayle said “just hold it”. I said, “that is the strangest thing I ever heard Brother Branham say. I said, “personally Brother Branham, what I heard you say, I don’t know…I don’t think I can take it.” And something inside of me said, “But when was he ever wrong?” Well, I said, “shout is the Message.

5Now, listen!!! This tells me that had it not been for the Holy Ghost correcting Br. Vayle he would have walked off from this Message, because his own testimony said, “I can’t hardly take it.”

6Now, let me tell you something. Brother Vayle had his own mind to contend with which was filled with so much denominational crud that it was a real struggle for him to die to self. He told me one time, "Brian, you and Alfonse were raised Catholic and I find it very refreshing to talk to you both because your minds are not filled with so much theology and Scripture that you have already learned from a denominational slant". Because Catholics hardly have any Scripture, just some stories and tradition. That’s about all. And so he told me that the people who come into this message from the Catholic church or just rank heathens coming in have no trouble picking up what Brother Branham taught, whereas those people who come to this Message from Baptist or Pentecostal background. have so much scripture they’ve already learnt with a wrong twist that they have a constant battle with things that brother Branham brought to us.”

7Now, that is what Br. Lee told me several times. And I know by his own confession he had to die to Lee Vayle’s thinking and he struggled with that because he came to this Message knowing a whole lot of Scripture, and many things he had right but a few he didn’t have right, and had to re-learn all over. Such as whether the bride goes through the tribulation or not..

8And let me tell you, if you think you know this Word and your thoughts are contrary to what this vindicated prophet brought, then you don’t know what you think you know.

9Brother Branham continues in paragraph 64 The other day, standing in a hospital room talking... A sister had asked me to explain about denominations, why we was against denominations, with some denominational people. You see, it's got to come back to the Word because the Word is God. See? And Jesus declaring the same here that the Word is Him. You can't make the Scripture contradict Itself. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh." See?

65 Now, here He says, "Search the Scriptures; they testify of Me. In them you think you have Eternal Life (and that's true), and they are the one that bear record of Me, and I'm bearing record of them. And if I do not the works that's promised that I would do, then don't hear Me. But if I do the works and you can't believe Me, believe the works," because they testify that He is the Word. Oh, it looks like it couldn't be any plainer. See? All right. Now, search the Scriptures. He said Moses and all the laws and so forth, and the prophets, and Psalms spoke of Him, and again He said the Scriptures testify of Him.

10Now, in his sermon The Spoken word original seed 62-0318E P:144 Brother Branham explains this further by saying “Now, the body carries on the works and does the works that the Head commands it to do. Tell me where He ever said, "organize." Tell me where the Head says it's all right for woman to cut their hair. Huh. Mention it; it's not there. Tell me where the Head ever said, "These works I do, but you shall not do them." Tell me that. But the Head said this (if you want to put the Scripture down, I'll give it to you: John 14:12), "The works that I do, shall you also." That's His body. See?"

11Notice that Brother Branham is telling us that John 14:12 is for the body. He says it is the body that does it. And yet I can take and show you a brother right in this Message that read this and said, “The Bible doesn’t say that!! The bible says “He” as if he knew more than a vindicated prophet. All I can say is God have mercy on anyone who would fuss with a vindicated prophet.

12Again brother Branham said, Tell me where the Head ever said, "These works I do, but you shall not do them." Tell me that. But the Head said this (if you want to put the Scripture down, I'll give it to you: John 14:12), "The works that I do, shall you also." That's His body. See? See now, why I have been so zealous of the kind of seed that I have planted for the body? The rain's going to fall pretty soon; I mean the real rain. And it's got to have Seed to fall on. I hope I live to see it. Do you understand now? It will be the living Word as it was at the beginning, the spoken Word of God, have His power; for it is in Him in His own body, working His own way. Look to the promises that God gave this body."

Now, let’s continue with Christ is the Mystery of God revealed…66 He is the principal Theme of the entire Bible. If you read the Bible and don't see Christ in every verse of It, go back and read It again. See? If you can't see Christ in every verse of the Bible, then you read It again, because you've missed something. The Bible is Christ. He is the Word. When you read, "In the beginning God created..." there's Christ. See? Every... From that to the "Amen" in Revelations is every Word testifying of Jesus Christ. That's why these added books that's called II Book of Daniel and the Book of the Maccabees, Agges Purgatory, and stuff like that... See, it's not spoke of in the Scripture. See? It doesn't theme up with the rest of It. There's no place to place purgatory in there. There's no place to place intercession of saints, and things; there's no place in there for that. There's no place for denomination. There's no place for creeds outside of the Bible. See? So when you see those things, they just don't come into the picture.

67 And that's why people has added those and got their jigsaw puzzle all mixed up. See? They can't make it right "same yesterday, today, and forever." But if the thing's put together right, there's the entire picture of the fall and regeneration, the whole picture of creation, and God's whole plan revealed right in Jesus Christ. Amen. That's the whole picture set together, every little crook and corner. It's just like... Now, I don't mean to be sacrilegious by this, but it's just like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. That's why we've got pictures today that looks horrible: say, "We are believers," and a cow picking grass up in top of a tree. It don't work. That's when they say, "Yeah, He's every way, but just of a certain... He's the same yesterday, today, and forever all but a certain thing." See? Then you ruin your picture. The Bible said He is the same.

68 St. John 5 or St. John 14:12, He said, "He (he, anybody)--he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also.” "Well, that was for another age." There you got your picture wrong again. You got a man fishing out in the desert for fish in a bunch of hot sand where there's no fish at. See? See, you got to bring him back to where he's fishing at Galilee, where there's plenty of fish. You see? See, you got to make the picture look right. It's God's great picture, and there's only one way you'll see it, that when you see Jesus Christ. There's the entire Bible. He's the principal theme of the Bible.

1669 Now, you realize that any of these places here you could take a text, and it's just hard for a preacher to hold his peace. He look like he want to keep going with it, but you got to get back to what we're teaching on. He is the principle theme of the Bible. He was in the prophets; He was in the Psalms; He was in the history of the Bible. The Bible is a prophetic Book; It's a historical Book; It's a Book of love. It's a Book of songs; It's a Book of Life, and in there you find Christ. He was in the prophets; He was in the Psalms; He was in the history; and He also in the Bible is the things that is to come. So He was before and for after. What does that make Him then? The same yesterday, today, and forever.

70 And, you inject something in there that doesn't make Him the same yesterday, today, and forever, Brother Lee, where do you go to? You got an awful picture there. For He was the history (See?), and He is the Prophet; He is the Psalms; He is everything. And if you can't make Him everything and the same, what's your picture look like? Do you see it? All right.

71 He is the same. He was the prophets; He was in them; He was in the Psalms; He was in the history; and He is the things to come, the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrew 13:8, if you're writing it down). He should be then... He should be the principal... If that's what He is, and we believe it, don't we? Then if He is that, then He should be the principal Theme of our talking, of our thinking, of our singing, of our walks; He should be the principal Theme of our life. If He's the principal Theme of the Bible, and the Bible is in us, then He should be the principal Theme of everything that we do, say, or think, should be Christ. Is that right? All right.

72 Since we think this, since He's been made the Head of all things to us... The Colossians said so here. He's the Head of all things to us for He was made for us, which we are considered all things. You say, "What about the sinner?" He was made to be the Judge of the sinner, if he don't accept it. He was made the Glory for the believer who does accept it. So there thing... All things was made by Him and for Him. And it takes the night to express the glory of the day. It takes the vessel of dishonor to express the love and care for the vessel of the honored. It takes an evil woman that would wear immoral clothes and sell her morals to express the virtue of a decent genuine lady. See? It takes the crook and a thief in a man to express the genuineness of a real believer, a real Christian. It takes the hypocrite to show up the believer, what he is.

73 So all things was made by Him. And since He was made--all things--made for all of us; all things was made for--by Him, then since that is true, we should make--our identification should be with Him. We should be identified, ourselves, with Him, because He has identified Himself with us. We should be identified with Him. How? By living for Him, not just a confession. So many people take a confession and say... I say... It's got to this place now: "Are you a Christian?" "I'm Methodist." Well, that's a long way from making yourself known as a Christian. Now, look what the Methodist does. "I'm Baptist." Look what the Baptist does. "I'm Catholic." Look what they do. See?

74 But the only way that you can actually be a Christian is for Christ to identify Himself in you. How... We got some a stinger there. I hope everybody on the tape gets that too. See, see? You say, "I'm Pentecostal." That don't mean a thing. It's Christ identified in you; that's when He has recognized you.

75 Say, "I spoke with tongues." Devils does, too. "I shouted." The Mohammedans, Buddhas, and everything shouts. The Indians scream at the snake dance. See? Sure. They all do. Cults, clans and everything else scream and holler. They holler and shout at a baseball game. But when Christ is identified in you, identifying Himself, then you are Christ-like; which the word Christian means to be Christ-like. There's your identification. All right. Now... And since He is our identification, then we should be identified with Him by living for Him.