1MBANZA NGUNGU 2012 MEETINGS REPORT : August 30 – September 02


2In September 2007, during Brother Brian’s meetings in Mbanza Ngungu, 3 living rainbows appeared above brother Sylvain’s church. Many, believers and unbelievers testified about that supernatural event. According to the prophet’s quotes, it was a vindication of the Doctrine of Christ that there is one God and He has a Son. For that purpose, in August 2012, brother Brian felt led to come back for ministers meetings and an evangelism campaign where the Lord had shown His Presence in 2007. Other Message Doctrine ministers living in countries around were invited such as Congo Brazzaville, Gabon, and Nigeria.

3Countries of participation: DR Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Gabon, Nigeria, USA

4Ministers Meetings: Brother Brian brought two in depth studies to the ministers:

5Brother Brian taught on “Being conformed to the image of the first born Son ” then “If you have His spirit, you will do what he did, act like he acted, say the things he said", in essence “the works He did you also will do” if in fact you have His Spirit living in you.

1. The relationship between God and His First born Son,

7Br. Brian gave the mijisters a book showing the relationship between Jesus Christ and the Father. The book had 365 Scriptures in it and many quotes from William Branham. Br. Bill Venga translated the book from English to French, and also translated for br. Brian during the meetings. The essence of the teaching was to show the brethren that we are called to be conformed to the image of the first born Son of God as an obedient Son, just like He was.

8These Study books were passed out to ministers by young men who have consecrated their lives to the missionary work

2. The second study was from another book entitled, “He that believeth”. This study showed that the promise of John 14:12 as with 19 verses where Jesus spoke of the believer and said, “he that believeth” entitles the believer to 19 specific benefits. The believer being conformed to the image of the First born Son, having received God-Life will in his life manifest the same life, the same actions and the same works that Jesus Christ did. That is a promise from God.

10The evening service brother Don Hoffman took the people through the 3 first chapters of Paul’s Epistle to Thessalonians, and focused on the life of God expressed through ministry, considering the apostle Paul as a pattern for all ministers, how ministers must be so filled by God’s life, and love that they will display this nature of God to their own people.

Brother Don spoke about bearing the nature of God in our earthen vessels. His message his love for the brethren and his life brought a real fellowship among brothers.

Evangelism Campaign: During two days of evangelism campaign, Brother Brian spoke on two subjects: the first night on the oncoming judgments and the prophet of Malachi 4 and the second night from Ephesians 1 and Romans 8. Brother Don did the altar calls. Hundreds received their healings, and gave their hearts to Jesus Christ. A little over 400 people came in great expectation waiting for he campaign to begin.

Supernatural Events occurred: On the second day, while brother Don Hoffman was closing his sermon, he was touched by the Spirit through his own message and called for brother Brian to lay hands on him for a more consecrated life, all the ministers also were affected by God’s Presence and entered in the prayer line for brother’s Brian, Don and Sylvain to lay hands on them for a more consecrated life. As the prayer line was going on, while the congregation was singing “only believe”, brother Brian called for Brother Daniel Mbouka to come forward so that the ministers could lay hands on him (Daniel Mbouka is a pastor in Dolesie, Congo BrazzaVille. He was attacked by the devil while in missionary trip in Gabon, and since has had his right arm paralyzed).

After the prayer of faith, we believe Br. Daniel was healed. One of the main purposes of these meetings was to bring the people closer to God, to help them understand and enter into this same relationship with the Father that Jesus had.

15On the first night of the evangelism campaign, as brother Brian finished preaching and Brother Don called for a healing line, Br. Brian descended the platform to walk out front, as he walked in front of the pulpit an elderly man came forward and dropped to his knees and lifted up his hands in prayer to God. Tears streamed down his face, as he knelt there in the dirt. Brother Brian and Brother Don laid hands upon him and began to pray as the other ministers came forward to do the same. More than a hundred souls came for prayer and many were healed and saved the 1st night of the campaign.

On the Last night of the evangelism campaign, brother Brian preached a sermon from Ephesians 1 and Romans chapter 8 concerning how we must die to self if we are to walk in the spirit and be led by God. For anyone who is focused on self can not please God. The preaching was moving and the Holy Spirit swept over the audience drawing the people together.

A sister who had been singing in the chorus, fell to her knees while Br. Brian was coming down from the pulpit to lay hands on the people to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. She wept bitterly about her life in total surrender to God, as brother Brian laid hands upon her head and began to pray that God He would help her to die herself and allow Christ to come into her life in order for Him to live her life for her. More than 100 others also came forward for prayer.

Br Sylvain lead the singing during the prayer line as Br Brian and the ministers laid hands on those seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Each night there were more than 100 persons who came forward for prayer, Many were saved, many healed and went away rejoicing in God's mercy and grace.

19On the second day of the evangelism campaign, there was no electricity in the city since 3 am that Sunday morning. It was doubtful that it could be fixed by service time. The engineers had worked diligently since 3:00 am until 3 pm without any solution. Br. Don Hoffman had to speak at the morning service without the aid of a sound system since there was no power available. After the morning service, the brothers retreated back to the motel to have lunch. Around 3 pm brother Sylvain came to the motel and asked br. Brian, br. Don and other ministers who were eating with them if they would pray for the situation with the electric to be restored. It seemed like Satan was doing all in his power to prevent the meetings from proceeding. Br. Brian asked the brothers to close their eyes for a few words of prayer, and prayed a prayer of Faith.

20About one hour later the power was miraculously restored to the city, and we were able to hold the evening service. That evening just as Brother Sylvain was about to call br. Brian to come to speak a torrential rain began to pour down and soak everyone sitting up front. The audience ran up into the grandstand to get under the roof, and as it turned out they ran right to where br. Brian had been sitting while waiting to be called forward to speak.

The people ran to the balcony for cover and while on their way up, they were complaining in themselves about the rain. Brother Brian and br. Don began to sing Only Believe” and then the others pastors joined in. Then brother Brian asked the pastors to continue singing worship songs in their language. These songs brought a spiritual atmosphere into the stands. Brother Brian said he was not going to allow satan to have the victory and as he stood to preach an anointing came upon him as he began to preach from Ephesians 1 and Romans 8. The people moved in closer to hear, and in doing so were drawn to the Word he was preaching.

22Within 10 minutes into His sermon, the rain suddenly stopped. He stopped preaching, walked down to the platform and the people followed. As they took their seats up front, brother Brian continued where he left off. The Holy spirit moved upon the congregation wonderfully that night as many were convicted of living a life for self, and not for Christ, and they came forth for prayer.

A pastor of 500 believers in Kikwit town which is located 700 km from Mbanza Ngungu received the teaching on the doctrine of Christ and is now planning for future meetings to be held at his church to teach the doctrine of Christ in his area.

To God be the Glory, the Power and the Praises for ever and ever, amen!

25As we conclude this evangelism campaign we look forward to more supernatural evidence of God's presence to bring forth many more testimonies of His promises being answered as a result of the Word, the work and the effectual prayer of righteous men, that was accomplished in this campaign.