1This morning I would like to address a subject I've entitled "Hybrid Faith", and I want to show you that hybrid Faith can produce only one thing and that is death.

2From his sermon Condemnation by representation 60-1113 P:41 brother Branham said, "As I've often said, "If eating apples caused women to realize they were naked, they had better pass the apples again," because it's time. I don't say that to be rude, but I'm saying it to make a point, that it's the truth. It wasn't apples. Let's not get that ridiculous about it. It wasn't no apple tree; but let's take it on another tree so we can bring it out and fulfill our text. Let's take it a tree of faith, that Eve taken of this forbidden tree of unbelief. Then we can make the text come out. It was faith. She disbelieved God's Word. God said a certain, certain thing will happen. She ought to have let it alone. She ought to have believed it the way God said it. But no, Satan come along with his theology; and she mixed it and gave it to Adam, and it caused a hybrid faith. That's what the church has got today (so-called church), a hybrid faith. It's mixed with fears, doubts, flusterations; if it was genuine faith, it wouldn't move. When God said anything it would be that way. But see, she mixed it, took what God said and what Satan said, and churned it together, and said, "Here it is."

342 That's the way many people do today. See, they take what the Bible says and what man says: makes a hybrid faith. And when they do, they bring it back... Oh, it makes a beautiful church. Sure, but there's no Life in it: dead. A hybrid faith: "Oh, I do believe that God was, yes; but now He's not a healer today." That's hybrid faith. "I believe that He gave the Holy Ghost to the Pentecostals back there on the day of Pentecost, but that's not for us today." A hybrid faith, condemned by God, hybrid, no good. Stay away from it. It's evil. It brings in doubts, "Maybe I'll go up and get healed. Maybe the Lord will heal me." That's hybrid faith. It's no good. That's church faith. We want God's faith. God said something, and that's the Truth; stay with it. Amen. Oh, I wish my words was wrote with a iron pen. Stay with what God said; it's the truth.

443 Hybrid faith. It'll read Hebrews 13: it say, "Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever." Hebrews... And then the hybrid faith comes in: "Well, in a certain way, He's the same yesterday, today and forever; but He's not... He can't heal today, 'cause that's out of His program." But genuine faith will say He is the same. It's not hybrid. It's not... It's not all churched up with theology of man, not mule religion: man's word and God's Word mixed together.

5Notice brother Branham in this sermon is showing us two very important things here.

61) When you mix God's Word with man's word you hybridize your faith right there.

72) The moment your faith becomes hybrid it dies right there.

8And so we see that the church by organizing on man's ideas about God's Word instead of taking God's Word for what he said, they died and could not reproduce that Life back into the church again.

9Again from his sermon Condemnation by representation 60-1113 P:69 brother Branham said, "So when they see the inspirator" (Just a note: but this word inspirator that brother Branham uses here is not in the English dictionary, but what he is using this word for is "the source of inspiration". So brother Branham is speaking of the source of inspiration concerning Eve, which was the devil himself.) So when they see the inspirator of his wife, Eve, when he come to meet Jesus, it said, "Oh, yes, it is written that he'll give the Angels charge over thee lest anytime they dash thy foot against a stone, they bear it up.""Yes," He said, "And it's also written." Oh, He couldn't cross Him up. He was God made flesh. He was my Saviour, my God. He couldn't cross Him up. What did He do then? He embraced the cross. And on the cross He died for me, and for you, and for the world, that He might restore back again to God, what? Sons and daughters, like in the garden of Eden before they got crossed up in theology. Oh God, if people could only see that, if I could only pound that into the people. Jesus died that He might take people away from this hybrid church stuff, that He might bring your minds and faith away from what man has said, back to what God said, not a hybrid faith: "Well, maybe the days of miracles is past. Maybe that won't happen."Oh, brother, God said it happens, and that settles it. That's for always. God said so.

10Again we see that brother Branham's ministry was to restore the children to the Faith of the Fathers as we see in Malachi chapter 4.

11Malachi 4:5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: 6 And he shall turn the heart (understanding) of the fathers to the children, and the heart (understanding) of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

12In his sermon Proving His word 65-0426 P:43 brother Branham reads from Malachi 4 claims it. "Behold, I will send to you Elijah in the last day (That's right.) and He will restore the faith of the children back to the fathers again (See?), the faith of the fathers to the children also." See, it's got to be.

13And again in his sermon Super sign 63-1129 P:66 he says, "We're promised in the last days, according to Malachi 4, that someone would raise up in the last days that would try to bring back, and shake back all the coldness and all their traditions, and things, "and restore the Faith of the people back to the apostolic fathers again, to the original Word."

14So we are talking about a restoration of the apostolic faith which is the Faith in the original Word of God. And if there is to be a restoration, then there had to be a deviation from the Faith of the Fathers in order for that original Faith in the Word of God to be restored again in the children. And along with that restoration of The Faith of Christ will come an impartation of life, an infusion of Life, a true revival of life back in the church again.

15In his sermon Trying to do God a service 65-0718M P:72 brother Branham quotes the prophet Joel as telling us that God himself will restore the original Faith that had been hybrid down through the ages by organizations of man who influenced the church away from the Original Faith of the first church. "Now, let's look at the vision we have today. Is it building churches? Is it new things? Is it great things that's going to happen, or is it judgment? Look back and see the promise of today, see what season we're living in. You say, "Well, bless God, brother, I'm sincere. I join church. I got my bachelors of art. I done this." That's all right. That's fine; nothing against it. So had David; so had the priests of that day; so had the theologians; but it was contrary to the Word. God said how He would do it today, how He would restore all things, what He would do again. He promised to restore. That's exactly right. In Joel 2:28 He promised He would restore: "I will restore, saith the Lord, all the years that the cankerworm's eat." They got a... See, that's the same worm. It's in a different stage of life. And when Catholicism started eating, then Lutheran, Methodists, and Pentecostals, and all down, He said, "I will restore everything back to a church exactly like that one was at the first place."

16And in his sermon Proving His Word 64-0816 P:120 brother Branham quotes Scripture saying, "And in the last days, it shall come to pass, before the great and terrible day of the Lord shall come, that I will send to you... Before that great and terrible day of the Lord shall come, I will send to you Elijah the prophet, and he will restore the faith of the children back to the fathers." And watch, the faith of the fathers to the children, the Jews. See? Their promise of the Scripture, the Gentiles and where they had fell from. Look at that dual just as perfectly, exactly. And here we see it, God proving His Word.

17So we see during the seven church ages the church had fallen from the original Faith and God by mixing the Word of God with the thoughts of men who formed organized religions, and God said I will restore that faith at the end time by sending the Spirit of Elijah back to the church.

18In another place in his sermon, Condemnation by representation 60-1113 P:85 brother Branham prophetically pointed out what he was seeing in his day in seed form that which we are dealing with today in the fully manifested form everywhere. Notice he tells us the results of what hybrid faith produces..., "Hybrid, they don't even know whether they're man or woman. That's right. You can hardly tell what sex they belong to by looking at them and listening to them. That's true, friends. I'm not saying that about you Christian women. My voice is going around to many nations. But it's a hybrid. This America has become condemned. And what did she do, according to the vision? She elected the wrong person. I don't know how long it'll take it to run out, but it will be someday. THUS SAITH THE LORD. It will. She's on her downward move right now. She'll never come back again. She's gone. That's right. She's been gone since 1956 when she condemned and turned away God from the great revival hours.

19Oh, my, there is no way they can make America Great Again. It will never happen. YOu could put an Abraham Lincoln in every county across America, and a Donald Trump to push the agenda and it will never get done because just look at the generation of the Millennial s. They're lost. They don't even know if they are male or female, and if you don't know if you are male of female then you can't reproduce. And God help us if they could? Because what would they give birth to?

20Brother Branham said in his sermon One in a million 65-0424 P:23 "just 8 months before going home to be with the Lord, "And Brother Shakarian now just made a real statement just now about what he thought about these days that we're living in. I truly believe that with all my heart, that we're living just at the closing time, just in the evening shadows. The sun is far advanced. And when we see things taking place the way they are today, why, it's hard telling what another generation would bring. A few days ago...Just let me give you a little inside something. They made an analysis throughout Arizona, where I live; of all the schools. They gave the children, unknowingly to them, a mental test. And guess what? Including high schools and grammar schools, there was eighty percent of the children suffering with mental deficiency. Seventy percent of them was television watchers. See, the evils has just slipped up on us and we don't... You wonder why it comes. You can hear the Voice of God screaming out against it, and yet here we find ourself webbed into it.

21Oh, my I think he just spoke prophetically, because he said we are just webbed into it, and it is causing a breakdown of the mind, insanity. Webbed into it, and now it's a "world wide web" and today they are "webbed into it" just as he predicted here. And you know that people are actually addicted to the web and everything that television had is on the web and even more and what kind of mental delusion is it causing this generation. Well, if in his day he started seeing in seed form boys and girls who did not know what gender they were what would he say about this generation who ha 72 genders they are choosing from. Why even the head of the John's Hopkins Psychiatric unit said that transgenderism is a mental condition. I read his article a year or more ago to you.

22(CNSNews.com) -- Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.
Dr. McHugh, the author of six books and at least 125 peer-reviewed medical articles, made his remarks in a recent commentary in the Wall Street Journal, where he explained that transgender surgery is not the solution for people who suffer a “disorder of ‘assumption’” – the notion that their maleness or femaleness is different than what nature assigned to them biologically.

23He also reported on a new study showing that the suicide rate among transgendered people who had reassignment surgery is 20 times higher than the suicide rate among non-transgender people. Dr. McHugh further noted studies from Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic of children who had expressed transgender feelings but for whom, over time, 70%-80% “spontaneously lost those feelings.”

24While the Obama administration, Hollywood, and major media such as Timemagazine promote transgenderism as normal, said Dr. McHugh, these “policy makers and the media are doing no favors either to the public or the transgendered by treating their confusions as a right in need of defending rather than as a mental disorder that deserves understanding, treatment and prevention.”
“This intensely felt sense of being transgendered constitutes a mental disorder in two respects. The first is that the idea of sex misalignment is simply mistaken – it does not correspond with physical reality. The second is that it can lead to grim psychological outcomes.”

25You watch these people who are webbed in as brother Branham put it, and they are walking around in a dual reality. Walking like zombies down the street or in the malls, webbed into the web on their cell phones. And you see them even texting to their friends who are even in the same room. Driving down the road while their eyes are glued to the web on their phones.

26Brother Branham said in his sermon God's provided place of worship 65-0425 P:77 Look at this teenage insane. Why, we had a, I told you the other day, they was taking an analysis there of the schools in Arizona where I live, and eighty percent of the children in school is mentally retarded. What will their children be? We can't have another generation. We're at the end. Jesus said these things would come. Look at all the televisions and things getting these fictitious things in order. It'll come a time, I predict, that people will be completely totally insane; the world will be. The Bible speaks of such hideous sights as they show in movies today of some prehistoric creature's age, that's lived in the earth for so many thousands and millions of years, hatch and come forth to some... That's just a minor thing to what's going to happen. When hell is opened and the Devil comes out with all of his mysterious things, of women, or locusts with hair like women, and teeth like lions. Why, the world will be completely, totally insane. It's not but just about one degree from it now.

27Notice brother Branham says, When hell is opened and the Devil comes out with all of his mysterious things,...Why, the world will be completely, totally insane. And there are a lot of people that believe CERN will open a trans-dimensional portal that will open the gates to hell before the end comes. And what has caused all this insanity? Hybrid Faith, Hybrid religion. Man eating from the tree of knowledge that Eve ate from, bring death and destruction into the world. That is what has caused all this transgenderism and sodomite condition is hybrid faith from a hybrid Gospel.

28From his sermon It wasn't so from the beginning 60-1127M P:35 brother Branham said "Then people today are as past, they hybrid the church to organizations to creeds and mix up people's minds, and then they say, "Where is God? Where is the God of the Old Testament? Where is the Lord Jesus that promised these things?"

29Notice they mix up the people minds, "their minds are placed into a blender of "hybrid theology" as brother Branham calls it in his sermon Greater than Solomon is here 61-0412 P:71.

30Hybrid theology, which takes God's Word and mixes it with man's ideas, and produces confusion in the minds of the people and ultimately death.

31In his sermon Leadership 65-1207 P:119 brother Branham warns us again of the mental confusion leading to a total and complete insanity because of this hybrid Faith which has produced nothing but confusion and destruction. Notice his words. "O God, let me go, Lord. Don't leave me behind, Jesus. Let me go with You, Father. I don't want to stay here on this earth to watch these tribulations coming on. I don't want to stay here in this insanity. I don't want to stand here when hideous sights, the people losing their mind. We look at men trying to act like beasts and look like beasts; and the women trying to look like animals, with the paints on their face. Knowing that these things are predicted to happen, that the thing will, they'll go so insane till locusts will rise up with hair like women to haunt the women, and teeth like lions, and things that You've said; the mental condition of the people will be completely gone. We see it in the making right now, Lord. Help us. Restore us to the sane mind of Christ Jesus our Lord. O great Leader of Eternal Life, we accept Your promise tonight, Father. I plead for this people. I plead for every one of them, in the Name of Jesus Christ, Lord. I pray that Christ the Son of God will come into the hearts of every one of us, Lord, and mold us and make us into new creatures in Jesus Christ. Grant it, Lord God. We love You. And we want our dispositions--our change to come into us, that we can be Your children, feel of Your Spirit moving in our hearts, Lord, tendering us and bringing us to realization of this insane age that we're living in. Grant it, God. When we see young women so caught up in the web of the Devil, young men, perverted minds, children, dope addicts, cigarette smoking, drinking, immoral, Satan's Eden.

32God, it taken You six thousand years, according to the Bible, to build an Eden. And You put Your son and his wife in there (his bride) to rule over it. And Satan come around and perverted it; he's got six thousand years, and he's built his own intellectual Eden through science, and education, and so-called intelligence, and he's built it into a mess of death. O God, take us back to Eden again, Lord, where there's no death, where there's no sorrow. Grant it, Lord. We stand humbly, waiting for the Second Adam to come for His Bride. Make us part of Him, Father. We pray in Jesus' Name. Amen.

33And from his sermon Calling Jesus on the scene 64-0319 P:25 Brother Branham said, "And now, hybreeding's got into the church too. Instead of having a real rugged bunch of Bible believers, they've hybrid it by denomination. And they have to... "I got this, and I got that. And I belong to this, and I belong to that." It's hybrid. And the thing can't produce itself again. We need a Book of Acts again. But the only way you'll do it, is get back to the Bible, and away from some of this hybrid religion. Hybreeding, have to be babied, no faith, just a bunch of powder puffs, just sissified, babied into it. I say, "Are you a Christian?""I'm Methodist.""Are you a Christian?""I'm Presbyterian.""I'm Pentecostal."That don't mean that [Brother Branham snaps his finger--Ed.] to God. You're a Christian because you're born in the Spirit of Christ, and the Word of God lives in you.

34And from Perseverance 62-0520 P:51 he said, "Jesus said, "No man can come to Me, except My Father draws him. And all the Father has given Me will come."You don't have to baby, and pet them, and promise they're going to have a fleet of Cadillacs if they'll receive the Holy Ghost. And they're business is going to prosper, and they're going to have bigger churches, and higher steeples, and better educated preachers, and... Oh, nonsense. Get away from it. Faith that holds the Word of God yields the power of God. Right. Then you're persistent."Why, I ain't got no fleet of Cadillacs yet, and I been over here with you all a year. All I got's a lot of persecution." Oh, you hybrid donkey, don't even know what papa and mama is. That's the way it is though. My, my. Yeah.

35And from his sermon It wasn't so from the beginning 60-1127M P:25 he said, "The revival that come forth in the days of Luther, it cannot reproduce itself, because they hybrid it. The days of Wesley, they cannot reproduce it. Tell me one of them ever raised when they fell. When they hybrid the church, it goes right back again. It's done. It can't reproduce itself. It can bring members in, make an organization, but it can't reproduce itself again. What we want is something to reproduce, to bring sons and daughters to God. You can't do it from a seminary. It's got to come from the Holy Ghost above like a rushing mighty wind, like it did at the beginning. Hybrid religion perverting things, changing things, men perverting, and when Jesus come in His days, He said, "In vain do you worship Me, teaching for doctrine the commandments of man." What have they did? They've taken the commandments of God and hybrid it to their own ideas, and have brought it back, and it said, "Thou shalt not and thou shalt this and so forth," but they with their traditions makes the commandments of God of non effect because they had hybrid it.

36Now, in his sermon Harvest time 64-1212 P:44 brother Branham points out that when you hybridize anything you take the life out of it. "Now, this grain must be a good grain. It must be free from fault, failures, and so forth, in it. It must be a thoroughbred grain. It can't be a hybrid grain, because when it comes up, you plant it again, and your wheat is done, because a hybrid grain won't grow again. It can't grow again. You take the life out of it when you hybreed it. And that's what's happened to the churches. They've been hybrid to the world, and that's the reason that each revival coming on, and you can't have another revival behind it. Every organization that ever organized, dies on the spot and never raises again, because it organizes the world into its systems; therefore, it never did. There is no history ever shows that any church that ever organized ever raised again. She died there. Why? You hybrid it.

37And again in his sermon Abraham's covenant confirmed 61-0210 P:43 br. Branham points out that anything that is hyrbid is polluted and dead because it can not produce life. Anything that's hybrid is polluted. And religion that's hybrid from this Bible into organization or denomination or church creeds, is hybrid. Now, look, a hybrid produces a more beautiful art, more beautiful product. You take wheat... We got corn, hybrid corn, some of the best corn we ever had, but it's no good. You take that hybrid corn and plant it back; it can't reproduce itself again. The best worker they got is a mule. It's mother was -a mare horse; it's father was a little jenny, or little jack. And that mule cannot raise another mule; it cannot breed itself back again. And what we got today is a bunch of mule hybrid religion. Just exactly. Bred from Methodist to Baptist and the Pentecostal and Presbyterian creeds and denominations till we got nothing.

38Laodicean church age 60-1211E P:91 As soon as the church goes into a denomination, it's dead. It never rises again. What is it? It's hybrid. Martin Luther was all right, but when he organized, what did he do? Methodist was all right, when he organized, what did he do? Pentecost was all right, but when you organized it, what did you do? You hybrid it and bred it into the Nicolaitane Catholic church. Exactly what you done. Took up her form of baptism took up her ways and actions, and the Bible said, "You are a daughter to a whore, a harlot: a daughter of harlot." Exactly right.

39Now, back to br. Branham's sermon, Condemnation by representation 60-1113 P:33 he said, "Can't cross itself back... When the grain was first planted; the second place they come in, then hybrid it. And the first thing you know, it can't never come back. I ask any scholar to go with me through history. Any church that ever left its original foundation has never been able to come up again. When God sent Luther, and he had a revival, he swept the world; but he organized it and hybrid it with the world, like the Catholic church. And when he did, what did he do? He produced a bunch of renegades, hybrid: and he never has rose and never will rise. Along come John Wesley and done the same thing with the revival. As soon as him, and Asbury, and the old founders died, they organized it and made the Wesleyan Methodist church; and they never raised, and they never will raise no more.

40From Christ is the mystery 63-0728 P:172 brother Branham said, "Get the revelation, brother. This generation's spurning God's revelation. See? False prophets are doing that. By their fruits you shall know them. They're hybrid. They're bred into an organization instead of the Word of God, the revelation of God revealing Himself through Christ, Who is the Word."

41Perseverance 62-0608 P:46 She wasn't a hotbed plant, to have to be babied. No, no. No, no. She wasn't a hotbed plant, had to be babied. She wasn't a modern hybrid, so-called believer of the crop today. She had a hold of something. Not, "Well, I'm Methodist, and I don't have to take that." "Bless God, I belong to the Assemblies. I belong to the Church of God. I don't have to take that." No, no. That's a hybrid type. You're bred into some organization. But a real true, thoroughbred Christians is born of the Word of God and holds on, no matter what takes place.

42The law of Life in Genesis 1:11 tells us "every seed must bring forth after it's Kind," but if you mix it, if you hybrid it to another seed with a different nature, then it won't bring forth again of its kind because it is no more it's kind..., it can't bring forth after its kind, because it's a seed of life mixed with death.

43And don't think men will not have to answer for hybridizing the Word of God. From his sermon Spoken word original seed 62-0318M P:60 br. Branham said, "To mix it brings forth a hybrid crop; and a hybrid crop is a dead crop--far as rebreeding. It won't rebreed itself; it can't, 'cause God said so. It has to bring forth of its kind, and you've mixed it. Now, you can see the church right there, where we're going to wind up. It dies there, for it cannot bring forth of its kind. Why? It's mixed. You can't do nothing with it. It's dead; it's finished. All right. That's why each generation has its own revival, a chance at the Word. Oh, the sovereign God at the judgment... John Wesley's group will raise up, and these "starched-washed" Methodists of today will answer for it. Luther will raise up. The Catholics will raise up. And back behind Irenaeus, Martin, Polycarp, and those, and will have to stand the judgment for hybreeding the Word of God to dogmas. This group of Lutherans that followed Lutherans' revival will answer the same thing. The group of Baptists that followed John Smith's revival will do the same thing. Alexander Campbell's will do the same thing. And the Pentecostals will do the same thing. That original revival, when the Holy Ghost fell, called out a people, and God trying to get His Word to it, and they organized it, and set over here, and denominated, and died right there.

44In his sermon Masterpiece pp 136 brother Branham said, when "But what denominated, dies. Notice that he said, “As soon as it begin to denominate, right there it died.” And so we see that denomination which is hybridizing the Word of God with man's ideas of that Word shows that the Life has gone out, because to denominate means to set a specific value on that thing. When we talk in terms of currency we say what denomination of bills do you have?

The word denomination according to our dictionary has several meanings but they all speak of one central theme. While I read the definitions, I want you to think in terms of what theme carries throughout these definitions. 1. A large group of religious congregations united under a common faith and name and organized under a single administrative and legal hierarchy. 2. One of a series of kinds, values, or sizes, as in a system of currency or weights:

45Notice that each example of denomination speaks of an assessed value, size, or kind. So you see when we think in terms of denomination we must think in terms of what value or assessment is associated with the denomination we speak of. And it does not matter what they hold to, for a vindicated prophet told us when they denominate they die right there.

So you see that to denominate means certain death to the church. And what does that mean? It means that the Life has left it and they are now holding to a value that they have assigned. In other words if the word they preached and emphasized was a certain, certain thing, then if God brings further light upon that certain thing, or even upon another thing, and the people see that other thing doesn't hold the same value to them as the thing they already had, then they turn it aside and right there they have denominated. And right there God can no longer help them because they have turned down further light from His word.

From His sermon called Seed not heir with shuck 65-0218 P:65 Brother Branham was talking about how that Sarah tried to make the promise happen by giving her concubine to Abraham, thinking that would fulfill the promise that God had made to Abraham. And that is how carnal believers always think. They do not trust for God to work out His Promises, because they really do not trust His Word. So they try to work them out for themselves and in doing so they always miss the promise.

46That is what Brother Branham was saying in this sermon, Seed not heir with shuck 65-0218 P:65 How true it is, Sarah trying to get the promises all fulfilled (You see?), in a great, like the church today, a great revival in our time by what? By a perverted promise. How are you going to do it when God never did bless organizations. He never did use an organization. When a message went forth, and they organized, it died right there. I challenge any historian to show me where it ever raised again. It died right there and stayed right there. God just moved right on out of that carrier into another one, right on out of the Lutheran into the Methodist, right on out of the Methodist into the Pentecostals. Now, He's moved right on out of the Pentecostals into the Seed, because it has to be the Seed. You can't beat nature. There's no nothing else there for it to happen but the Seed. So the Seed will produce Itself, He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, the same Pillar of Fire, showing the same signs, the same power, the same God, the same miracles, the same things. Vindicated the Word and the Bible just exactly, He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. He's leading tonight. God help us to see it and believe it. Sure.

47Again from his message Jehovah Jireh 61-0209 P:48 He said, What happened to Luther as soon as Luther saw the Pillar of Fire? Why, he followed It. But what did he do? After Luther's day, they organized a church called Lutheran. Then it died right there on the organization, 'cause it's just like the Catholic church. Then, the first thing you know, along come Wesley. The Pillar of Fire moved right out of the organization and went on. Wesley saw it, and away he went after it. And as soon as the first round died out, they organized it, called it the Wesleyan Methodist, or the Methodist church. When they organized it, it died right there. Then the Pentecostal seen it, going out, not from justification, under Luther, and sanctification under Wesley, but they saw the baptism of the Holy Ghost, back to the original blessing. Here they went after it (Oh, my.), went out and begin to speak with tongues and the power of God working through them. But what did they do? Organized it. It died right there. But now the Pillar of Fire is moving out. It's moving again. It'll never... 49 Never one time did an organization ever rise up that didn't die and never come back again. I challenge any historian.

And so you see, the minute men begin to talk of organizing the Message or even the Doctrine of Christ, or the minute they try to take over a man’s ministry whether to protect it or for whatever motive they have, right there they die and if that ministry allows it, then that ministry dies along with them. And the Pillar of Fire will move right on. And those who gravitate to organization will miss the Rapture. It will all be over very soon, my brother so be very careful not to organize what God is doing. Just let go and let God have His way.

48Now, let’s follow through with what brother Branham is saying here because he really nails down the attitude that lets you know the attributes and characteristics of organization.

49Brother Branham continues, Jehovah Jireh 61-0209 P:49 I'm looking in the face there of one of the best there is in the nation. That's right. A historian of the historians is setting right with us. And I'll ask that man, or any other man, to ever show me one time that a church ever organized, but it didn't die and stay dead. It never did rise again in the history of the churches of the world: never did. God don't want that. God wants us to be free in Him. He wants us to a place where we can accept all of God. Not stay on this mountain; move out. Abraham's seed.

50In the Sermon Masterpiece brother Branham said, The Masterpiece 64-0705 140 Living, they produced in their early revival a holder of a certain portion of the seed Life; but when they organized, the Life moved out of it. That's proved by all history. Never an organization ever done a thing after it organized. It was dead. That's right. Watch, the life's traveling on now. It's moving on. Notice. What they have done, all these have done, is proved by history just exactly the way the church has come, never to be useful to Him again. Organization is laid on the shelf. There never has been in all the history of church after it organized, but what it died. And the organization died and never did raise again. Can't you see it? Men who are blind, open your eyes. Nature and the Word coordinating together and proving it right here that this is the Truth, that it is the Truth: That Life leaves the stalk to make the tassel; from the tassel it makes the husk; and from the husk it goes into the original again. Notice, never again to be useful to Him.
143 How noticeable this life is in its travel in the corn of wheat than it is in the tree. God called His people like a tree. See? The life goes down in a tree and comes back up again, goes down and comes back up. See? It goes down and comes back up. But in the corn of wheat it goes up from the original stalk through the stalk, tassel, and husk; and the thing that it passed through dies so it can't get back through it again. What is it? It's no use any more. It goes on to its perfection. Amen. Don't you see why He never used an organization? He can't get back in it again. It's dead. But the Life passes on from one to the other. See? They put creeds and inject... "Whosoever shall add one word or take one word out..." See? He's blocked off from it. It must be the Life seed traveling on.

51To organize is death, and to organize then is no different than to denominate. To do so is to die spiritually. Why? Because it is a hybridization of the Word with the ideas of man.

52In paragraph 118 Lean not to Thy Own Understanding 65-0120, brother Branham said, You know, the Bible said you can believe a lie and be damned by it. See? That's exactly the truth. They form, no matter what the Word of God says, they lean to their own understanding. They lean on it; they believe it; they think it's the Truth. You can keep believing a lie over and over and over till it's the truth to you. That's right. But how do we know whether it's Truth or not? God proved it's Truth, 'cause it's in His Word and He a-vindicates It. He does His own interpretation of It. How do they do, get to this? They do it by their culture, their education, of their understandings of their, the degree of doctor's degree, and so forth, that they have come from some certain seminary and learned these things.

53108 God's Only provided Place of Worship 65-1128.1M Now, if you get everything running just right, it's going to run; everything's set in order. If there's a short in that wire, that light won't come on; because it's been grounded. And when you'll take one of God's Words or one of His places, and in your own heart have selfish objectives, it'll ground the power of God right there. If you do it because you want to be smart, you want to be different from somebody else, or something, right there it's grounded, it'll blow the fuse. You're wrong. You've got to come with sincerity, with all your heart. Your motives and your objectives, placed right on God. Then search for His place, find where He said, and bring it there. See?

54101 God's Only provided Place of Worship 65-1128.1M How can you teach the great things, when you won't do the simple, common thing? Because, you see, your motive and your objective is wrong.

55A year or so before br. Vayle died, I went to him and said, brother Vayle, we've talked about John 14:12, but perhaps let me say it this way, "I do not believe that we should be looking for big miracles and things like that, but to me John 14:12 is having my motives right and my objectives right so that if God does want something done, I will do whatever he tells me to do. And he said "That's right, you've got it".

56So with that in mind, let me close by reading just one more quote from brother Branham before we go to prayer. From his sermon God's only provided place of worship 65-1128M P:47 he said, It's your love to God, "Lord, I don't care what You want me to do; I'm willing to do it." Then you're getting somewhere, but if you don't do it that way, the way He said do it...It's His choosing, "The place that I have chosen. That's where you worship with your sacrifice." Cain brought his sacrifice; Abel brought his; it depends on what place you take it into. If you take it into the place where He's chosen, it'll be all right, He'll accept it; if it's not, He won't accept it. Don't care it's the same sacrifice, whatever it is, it's still rejected, unless it's brought to that one certain place. Now, we want to find out where we want to bring this sacrifice. We could find out... We all want to go to heaven, don't we? And we all know we've done wrong. We all believe that Jesus is the Sacrifice. Now, we want to know where to take Him, it'll be accepted. See? That's right. The Bible tells us where to take Him at, and then it'll be accepted; outside of there, it won't be accepted.

57Let us pray.